• Manufactured with multiple alloys for improved heat dissipation and performance.
  • Mill-balanced for proper rotor function; no extra weights are needed.
  • Quality validated for proper metallurgy and correct brake plate thickness.
  • Rounded radius for added strength.
  • Imported from USA.
ACDelco Advantage Disc Brake Rotor and Hub Assemblies provide reliable vehicle braking power. With this assembly the rotor is conveniently pre-fitted to the wheel hub as one combined piece. Application-specific vane configuration offers greater safety and performance, dampens noise and vibration, and maximizes airflow to keep your rotor running cool. They also feature a non-directional ground finish that minimizes thickness variation and helps to extend brake pad life. These dependable aftermarket Disc Brake Rotors offer quality at an economical price.

ACDelco 18A87A Advantage Non-Coated Front Disc Brake Rotor and Hub Assembly