• 30 Sheets of Gold Leaf 24 Karat (Standard 999/1000).
  • M-Size, Size of each leaf approx. 1.20" x 1.20" or 3.0 cm x 3.0 cm.
  • EDIBLE safe for cooking (Food Quality Gold Leaf), 99.9% Pure Gold.
  • Melt and made in Thailand, The Quality is Premium from Manufacture (M50J: World Standard Gold Leaf).
  • Popular in interior design and artistic work, safe for skin.
  • Imported from USA.
Cover your item with real gold. 24k gold plating creates the most beautiful effect that would enhance your decor.These leafs are manufactured specifically in the colors and weights that are standard in the industry. Our gold leafs are produced using the latest technology and respecting the traditions of the gold beating craft. Product information: 30 gold leaves (24 Karat - Standard 999/1000) Size of each leaf approx. 1.20" x 1.20" or 3.0 cm x 3.0 cm Usage: Decorating items for furniture, antique, photo frame, art & craft, sculpture, and multi-purposes. Suitable for general gilding in- and outdoor. Decorating lettering and bookbinding's. Popular in interior design and artistic work. You can use the gold leafs on wood, sand, cement, glass, metal, carved and raised letters, signboards, trucks and general flat surfaces. Usable it in cosmetics. Pure natural gold improves the skin. Edible - you can use it for any kind of food decoration.

Edible Gold Leaf Sheets 30pc M-Size 24 Karat 1.2" X 1.2" Genuine for Cooking, Cakes & Chocolates, Decoration, Health & Spa (Gold)