• 2 LIGHT MODES: Twist to turn on/off and Switch between a bright LED red glow and emergency red flashing / signaling mode.
  • DURABILITY: The Reusable roadside flare is water and impact resistant.
  • LED LIGHT LIFE: Long lasting LED light lasts 100 hours in flashing light mode, 20 hours in solid red mode and has an auto off feature after 1 hr to preserve the batteries. included.
  • SAFETY: Stand up your LED road flare with the magnetic base to help in signaling for help, warning others of accidents or stopped vehicles, alerting other drivers of obstacles or while changing a tire..
  • Batteries Included.
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  • Imported from USA.
Whether you're heading to the neighborhood market or driving cross-country on a family camping trip, when on the road it is always critical to be prepared. Keeping safety tools, such as emergency flashers and a working flashlight allows you to prepare for the unexpected. The Life Gear Glow Emergency Flares (3 Pack) are long lasting LED signalling lights. Containing no chemicals or flammable materials, LED flares are a much safer option than incendiary flares. These LED lights are re-usable over and over with up to 150 hours of battery life. Simple to use - Just twist on for solid red, turn off and twist again for blinking red light. The magnetic flares can be attached to the metal body of your car or set in the included base as a stand alone flare creating a visible, long lasting emergency light at night.

Life Gear LED Emergency Road Flares 3-Pack, Reusable Safety Glow Stick with Flasher & Magnetic Bases - Batteries Included